Q?What are the costs for children?

Your  accomodations are for a total or 4 people. Additional guest would require an upgrade.  You may upgrade to a suite for $97.00, a  1BR condo for $197.00, a 2 BR condo for $297.00, a max condo for $397.00. The fee is per desitination and paid when you send in your Reservation Request.    Extra Theme Park Passes can be purchased at an approximate 10% discount, after your 90 minute Guided Tour of the Host Resort.

Q?What if I don't travel within the 18 months?

Any destination is 100% transferable, just call our Toll Free Customer Service # at 1-888-211-0675,and we will assist you.

Q?How do we change our Selected Travel Dates?

You can change your dates penalty free by calling the Toll Free Reservation # on your Confirmation Documents at least 60 days in advance.  A helpful Reservation Specialist will assist you in setting your new dates.  Your Reservation Change Request will be processed, and Written Confirmation will be E-mailed & / or Mailed back to you with directions for Check in.

Q?When should I expect to receive My Conformation Documents?

Your Conformation Documents will arrive via e-mail within 24 business hours from time of purchase. Please print,and keep these document in a safe place, as your Personal Confirmation Number will be needed upon check-in.  Non E-mail Customers will receive their Documents via United States Priority Mail, which is usually  within 3 to 5 business days.

Q?Why Do I Have To Pay Now?

viptravelamerica, unlike many other Sellers of Travel, contracts with The Upper Echelon  of Vacation Ownership Resorts, and therefore has limited access to such Quality Accommodations at such Reasonable Prices.  So, just like Airlines are booked in advance, viptravelamerica must also do the same in order to guarantee your Desired Dates of Travel.  Furthermore, in the future these Quality Accommodations and Theme Park Passes will only go up in price, so this way you lock in the low prices today!!!  Therefore it is in everyone’s best interest to purchase today!

Q?How am I assured of the quality of The Accommodations I’ll be getting?

viptravelamerica contracts with some the finest Vacation Ownership Resorts in the World.  Most of them trade on The New York Stock Exchange, and are not about to accommodate our customers in anything but the best, as they are not about to risk any Negative Publicity.  Not to mention,  viptravelamerica has been a Licensed & Bonded Florida Seller of Travel in good standing for over a Half a Decade with no unresolved complaints, so obviously we must be doing something right!!!

Q?I’m Skeptical to use my Credit Card over the Phone.

viptravelamerica has been a Preferred Merchant with MasterCard / Visa / AMEX  and Discover for well over a Half a Decade.  They have very strict laws when it comes to credit card privileges, and we certainly don’t want to risk those Six year relationships over a couple hundred dollars.  Also, a credit card is the safest and most practical method of payment when purchasing over the Phone or Internet.  Unlike Cash or Personal Check, where a consumer has little or no recourse, all card holders are protected from Fraudulent Charges by their Credit Card Company, which means they are not held responsible for any unauthorized charges.

Upon acceptance of our Exclusive Offer, we transfer you to our Verification Department, where they will conduct a Digital Voice Recording confirming the details of your purchase with viptravelamerica.  This is kept on file for your Credit Card Company,  as well as yourself, to ensure you receive everything as stated!  Also, you will receive your Confirmation  Documents via E-mail within 24 Business Hours.

Q?I thought this was free when I registered?

The Show Promoters ask that each vendor provide as many giveaways as possible.  Therefore, we give the
Promoter one free Vacation, and the Show or Event draws the winner.  As stated on the Registration Form, all other qualified Registrants are contacted by phone regarding this Highly Discounted Special Offer.  In fact, the person who wins actually has to pay
MORE than the person who purchases the Vacation at our Introductory Offer, because the one that wins is liable for the Federal Gift Taxes on the full retail value of this Vacation, which is up to $2,100.   For example,  Oprah Winfrey’s audience,  who each won a so called “Free” car, then received IRS tax bills in excess of Ten Thousand Dollars each.  In essence, this Introductory Offer allows you to receive the vacation for “Less than free”!!!

Q?How does someone Qualify for this Exclusive Offer?

 A person usually qualifies by filling out a Registration Form on the Internet, or at a Major Show or Event. These Forms are sorted according to the Demographic Information, which is filled out by the Registrant.  These
Demographics include fields such as age, income, marital status, geographic region, occupation, as well as status with a major credit card company.  Due to the fact that the Vacation Ownership Resorts that
viptravelamerica contracts with, only  a certain percentage of Registrants will qualify to be contacted by viptravelamerica for this Exclusive Offer.

Q?How can viptravelamerica afford to offer such a Quality Travel Experience at such a reasonable price?

viptravelamerica’s long standing (8 years) relationship with the Host Resorts allows for the tremendous discount.  In exchange for your attendance at a 90 minute Guided Tour of the Host Resorts, our contracts enable us to secure you these  Quality Accommodations, as well as any “Gifting” we request on your behalf, such as Theme Park Passes, etc at a tremendous discount.  Additionally, our superior relationships allow for us to GUARANTEE your Desired Dates of Travel.  We know you will appreciate this value, and spread Positive Word of Mouth Advertising.  Also, the Host Resorts, which are members of the Vacation Ownership Industry are able to use these discounts as Marketing Write-Offs.  Best of all, there is no obligation to purchase anything while on Our Vacation.

Q?Who is viptravelamerica?

viptravelamerica, Inc (TA)  is a Registered & Bonded Florida Seller of Travel ( Reg.#ST-35807) in good standing with the State of Florida for the past eight years. W TA specializes in introducing potential travelers to some of the highest quality Vacation Ownership Resorts in the World.  Our primary method of Consumer Contact is via attending  Major Shows and Events across the United States & Canada such as Home, Auto, Golf, NASCAR, Fairs,  and Boat Shows to name a few, as well as those who contact us via the Internet.   viptravelamerica receives approx. 200,000 Consumer Contacts per year, and currently has tens of thousands of Satisfied Customers.